Writing a message to the SharePoint 12 hive log

Today I needed a fallback to my implementation of the Enterprise Library Logging Block. In other words, I needed to be able to log that something went wrong when trying to log through EntLib.
I ended up with this little piece of code that writes the message to the logfile(s) in the 12 hive/Logs catalog:

public void Log(string message)
        // Log message through EntLib
    catch(Exception e)
            "{0}: An error occured while writing message through EntLib. \nThe error was: {1}",
            DateTime.Now.ToString(), e);

PortalLog is located in the Microsoft.Office.Server.Diagnostics namespace found in in the Microsoft.Office.Server.Diagnostics.dll, i.e. it only works on a MOSS installation.


Nothing new and innovative, I know…but helpful.


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