Changes could not be saved into the document

When experimenting with node promotion between form libraries and columns in list items I suddenly was faced with this YSOD:

Changes could not be saved into the document.
The property to change is read-only for the document’s content type, or the document is missing XML elements or attributes where the changes would be saved. Try editing the document in a Windows SharePoint Services-compatible XML editor such as Microsoft Office InfoPath.


I finally figured it out and it had to do with my sitecolumn declaration, which originally looked like this:

Group="JL" xmlns="" />



Apparently I had mistakenly put a backslash (\) in the Node attribute, the corrected declaration looks like:

Group="JL" xmlns="" />

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  4. #5 by Nancy Young on February 11, 2011 - 00:17

    For those encountering this error when no coding alterations have preceded it, check that the columns in your InfoPath form that may be promoted to a SharePoint list are the same data type AND if you’re promoting a text field to a column that is based on choices, that the choices include what might be in the text box. The SharePoint column won’t accept a value it doesn’t recognize as a valid choice.

  5. #6 by HP on June 21, 2011 - 19:39

    Hi Johan Leino, I am having same problem and I checked all columns nothing wrong with column name however all columns are part of content type and when I checked schema of columns , some of having read-only true. I guess this is causing problem to update those columns but I don’t how to make is editable those columns since all are site columns and part of content type.

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