WordPress vs Spaces : 1 – 0

It has been almost three months now since I moved the blog to WordPress (moved it August 6, 2009).
Yesterday the new blog moved past the old one in total visits (see below).

I haven´t yet regretted the decision to move here to WordPress. Some of the positive aspects have been:

  • Better support for source code
  • Better integration with MS Word (weird but true)
  • Better control over styling
  • Better support for stats (much better actually)
  • Anonymous comments

I still lack some sort of external API that I can write my own appz against though (or have I missed it?).

Top 5 posts

The stats tell me if I look at the top 5 posts that I should be focusing on:

  • Linq (yes my two recent posts have been about that, kind of)
  • Working with SPLists
  • Converting between C# and SharePoint metadata (I have some more in stock there)
  • Updating content types (I have more stuff there also)


So far so good…

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