SPVisualDev 2.01 released

My good friend (and former colleague) Tony Restaino has now released version 2 of his great dev tool for SharePoint, SPVisualDev. Some of the key features are:

  • Remote development, debugging and deployment
  • Full support for non server OS like XP, Vista, Windows 7
  • Farm explorer integrated in IDE
  • Real time sync files from your local visual studio project with files in the 12-hive.
  • Easy to add new features and edit settings and elements from a form UI.
  • Easy to install / activate Sharepoint features from context menu
  • Edit and bind resources easily
  • Automatic event receiver xml generation and synchronization.
  • Standard set of custom project and item templates, including Web part, event receivers, Application / Master page etc.
  • Integrates well with WSPBuilder by Carsten Keutmann.

For me, the greatest new feature is the ability to enjoy SPVisualDev on a VS project that isn´t based on the SPVisualDev template. In former versions you had to start off with a SPVisualDev template but that is of course not always an option (and maybe not everyone in your team want´s to use this tool, can´t understand why though…).

I have been asking Tony for this some time now and he finally included it in this release. So how does it work?
Time for a small demo:

First off, I have a standard ASP.NET project in Visual Studio.

After the installation of version 2 of SPVisualDev, I will now have a new context menu option “Enable SPVisualDev features”.

You will get a prompt asking you if you want to include the 12 hive if that isn´t already present, if you have the 12 hive already in your add-in in works without adding it.

In this project I didn´t include 12 hive so SPVisualDev has included that for me, great!

If I right click the features folder (as an example) I now have the ability to create a new feature with tool support from SPVisualDev

…which look like this:


Keep up the good work Tony.


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