What does SPSolution.ContainsWebApplicationResource really mean?

If you look at the documentation for this property on MSDN it says “Gets a value indicating whether the solution contains any web application-specific resources to deploy.”

So, at least to me, it wasn’t totally super clear what a web application specific resource really resource meant.
Let’s see an example to get a better understanding:

The WSP.ContainsWebApplicationResource SharePoint Project

I’ve created a basic SP project in VS 2010 and deployed it, without adding anything to it, to the local farm.
Let’s first see what that gives us:



OK, but that was excepted right.

Let’s add a web application scoped feature to it. That should be web application specific…or?


No, a web application scoped feature isn’t web application specific. It can be activated on a web application but it isn’t specific to a specific web application.

How about a site collection scoped feature then? Let’s add site scoped feature (but not include anything in it…emtpy feature).


Strange…? An empty site collection (or site scoped) feature still returns false.

Let’s try adding a web part (or any SPI) to the feature then.



So it turns out that the ContainsWebApplicationResource really means that the WSP contains elements (in VS those are called SPIs) that are included in a feature that is scoped to either SPSite or SPWeb.

When would you use this property then?

Well, it’s very common to use when you’re writing a PS script that deploys your WSP to the farm…like this little example (sorry about the formatting):

if($SPSolution.ContainsWebApplicationResource) {

$SPSolution | Install-SPSolution -GACDeployment:$ContainsGlobalAssembly
-WebApplication $WebApplicationUrl -Confirm:$false -Force -ErrorAction:SilentlyContinue
-ErrorVariable e | Out-Null


} else {
$SPSolution | Install-Solution -GACDeployment:$ContainsGlobalAssembly
-AllWebApplications:$true -Confirm:$false -Force -ErrorAction:SilentlyContinue -ErrorVariable e | Out-Null


If the SPSolution object has web application resources you have the ability to deploy it to one or more web applications, hence I don’t have to deploy it globally across the farm.



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