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SharePoint Genesis Framework

Just wanted to give shout-out to my friend and colleague at Avega Group, Tony Restaino, and his new open source project called SP Genesis. The name of the project, I think, refers to a “new” (better) way to create (and working with) SharePoint artifacts such as fields, content types, lists, etc. As Tony describes it: […]


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Multiple level navigation in Silverlight

Note: The code for this article can be found at This is actually my first post which concerns Silverlight. I have for the last couple of weeks started to get my hands dirty with some new Silverlight 4 stuff for a new client. I am building the UI (completely in Silverlight) and this article […]

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I have just created a personal codeplex project simply called This is where I´ll be posting code examples and other stuff that come from my blog. There is not much there right now but I`ll link to the source code when I distribute something new. The project will not contain any releases as […]

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Today I made my first codeplex project, SharePointContrib public. The url to it is: I have been working on it for a while now and I have done some testing using Nunit which was quite a challenge but at the same time very interesting. As the documentation says, SharePointContrib is “Contributions, extensions, utilities and […]

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