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jQuery: implementing custom selectors for jQuery Templates plugin

I’ve been working a lot over the last couple of months with jQuery and the Templates plugin written by Microsoft (wondering if that will ever leave the beta phase??). What I’ve come to love about it is the flexibility and nice separation of concerns it introduces. However, I still felt that it was a little […]

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Introducing the jQuery CRUD extension

I’ve been getting my hands dirty with some jQuery/JavaScript, WCF, JSON, and REST lately doing a back-end domain layer exposed via WCF as RESTful service operations that communicate via JSON. On the client I’ve used jQuery as means for communicating with the WCF endpoints to get data and create/update/delete data…aka CRUD. What I’ve come to learn is […]

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Notifications not showing when displayed in dialogs

I love working with the new dialog framework and notifications in SharePoint 2010. The other day though I ran into an issue with the notifications that somehow wouldn’t show up when I tried to use them in an application page I’ve built that was displayed through the dialog framework. In my application page I wanted […]

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Simplifying JavaScript for Ribbon extensions

A ribbon extension in SharePoint is usually a mix of some declarative xml syntax, which sets up the ribbon component (be it a button or what have you), and some JavaScript that actually controls the commands that are triggered when you use the component (e.g. when you click the button and if the button should […]

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