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jQuery: implementing custom selectors for jQuery Templates plugin

I’ve been working a lot over the last couple of months with jQuery and the Templates plugin written by Microsoft (wondering if that will ever leave the beta phase??). What I’ve come to love about it is the flexibility and nice separation of concerns it introduces. However, I still felt that it was a little […]

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Introducing the jQuery CRUD extension

I’ve been getting my hands dirty with some jQuery/JavaScript, WCF, JSON, and REST lately doing a back-end domain layer exposed via WCF as RESTful service operations that communicate via JSON. On the client I’ve used jQuery as means for communicating with the WCF endpoints to get data and create/update/delete data…aka CRUD. What I’ve come to learn is […]

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Building a little menu with a some JSON, LINQ and the JQuery Template Plugin

This is a little tutorial I thought I´d write about a little problem I recently solved with a couple of different technologies that worked very well together. Background From a customer I got a request to build some sort of navigation (or menu) for some items, let´s for the sake of this little tutorial pretend […]

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Hiding empty web part zones using JQuery

In SharePoint, let´s say you have a page layout that looks somewhat like this: The green boxes are supposed to be containers for web parts parts (ie web part zones in 2007). To get them to look like that I have surrounded each zone with two div elements to get the rounded effect (not going […]

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Using jQuery to trigger click event on linkbutton

I ran into a little problem with jQuery today which I thought I´d share with you. I had an list view with an item template and an edit template. Source code can be downloaded from my github repo. What I wanted to accomplish was to be able to use either the edit button or […]


Using a generic ascx control to display messages to the user

I have many times been involved in projects where the customer wants the application (web/SharePoint) to inform the user when something is successfully completed or for that matter when the app fails. Since I usually implement things using ascx controls (usercontrols) this has in most cases been implemented using a method on the masterpage/page that […]

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