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Automapper: Issue with mapping Xml to types that share a common parent

Let’s say you have a simple object graph consisting of a common base class called bicycle which has a property called Id. Two specialized bicycle classes exist; tandem bike and mountain bike Now, given the xml below: We want to use automapper to convert from the xml to actual C# classes.   Let’ s start […]


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Multiple level navigation in Silverlight

Note: The code for this article can be found at This is actually my first post which concerns Silverlight. I have for the last couple of weeks started to get my hands dirty with some new Silverlight 4 stuff for a new client. I am building the UI (completely in Silverlight) and this article […]

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Nodes with namespace uri:s when modifying web.config file in SharePoint

A while back I wrote a post on how to use a real web.config file when writing modifications to SharePoint. Apparently I had missed that if a node (like the one you see below) has a namespace reference you have to handle that in a special way, thanks to Rikard Uppström for pointing that out. […]

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Trying to make web.config modifications maintainable

UPDATE 09-11-15: I updated the code to handle namespace uri:s and wrote a new post explaining those changes. The other day I had to make some changes into a web.config file (in a SharePoint application). I had previously made a couple of changes into the same file so I thought to myself that this would […]

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XNamespace problem when parsing xml with Linq

This might be useful (it  got my head twisted at least) to somebody I hope. I wanted to parse the elements file in a feature to get all the fields and make a constants class from the output. Easy enough, I had done that numerous times before (parsing xml with Linq). This time I got in […]

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HowTo: Handling updates to files in SharePoint – truly handling the IgnoreIfAlreadyExist attribute

Here´s one of those really annoying things in SharePoint. When you provision a file through a module, in this example it´s a webpart file, and add the IgnoreIfAlreadyExist attribute you would expect it to be overwritten (upgraded) when you reactivate the feature but that´s not working. There are numerous blogs about this problem, some of […]

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Using LinqToXml to pre-populate SharePoint list with entries

This post is both about how to use LinqToXml to parse values from xml and how to leverage that in SharePoint to add a couple of values to a list. What I wanted to is insert a couple of settings that I´ll use later in my application code. I store those values in a xml […]

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