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Workaround for unit testing code that reside in the GAC

The problem I expressed my frustration the other day on twitter when it comes to unit testing and code that reside in GAC (global assembly cache). This problem may occur more often in frameworks that like to put their code in the GAC, like SharePoint for example. Let’s examine this with an example: Imagine the […]

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TeamCity: custom agent requirements

While I was working on another blog post I got to thinking about agent requirements. The reason was that I used PSGet to install a PowerShell module (Pester) onto the TeamCity agent server, i.e. I installed it globally. The downside of this approach was that I didn’t have a great story for knowing whether: the […]

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Pester: Using TeamCity to run your tests

I’ve previously written blog posts about Pester. The first one was a general purpose overview. The second one was about working with modules and Pester. The whole, original, purpose for me using Pester was to get a bit of quality around a PS module I’ve written called TSR. So the last part of the whole […]

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TeamCity Meta-Runner: Semantic Version Build Number

Look at that nice looking SemVer used as a build number in TeamCity. It’s not impossible to get something like that working for you with some script language of choice in a build-runner. However…I just happened to make mine public, as a meta-runner, and others can benefit from it. Note: You can download the meta-runner […]

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