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Introducing the PSBuild meta-runner (for .NET)

I’ve been working on a thing for a while now on my spare time, which hasn’t been all that much I’m sorry to say, that I got an idea for while I was writing the TeamCity meta-runner for semantic versioning, aka “the semver meta-runner”. If you don´t know what a meta-runner is or you’d like to […]

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Using TeamCity for ASP.NET development: MSBuild Requirements

This is the second part of a blog post series on using TeamCity continuous integration server from JetBrains for development. Here are the links to the parts of the series: Installing/Configuring TeamCity for use with IIS MSBuild requirements for web package publishing [this post] Deploying via Web Deploy Backup (pre-deploy) 2. MSBuild requirements for […]

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Making use of configuration file transformations in SharePoint 2010

The first time I saw the new web.config transform stuff included in VS2010 I was totally amazed and I just kept thinking “I hope I can use that in SharePoint 2010”. Of course, we couldn´t…well not OOB. In this blog post I will show you how to bring some love to the SharePoint configuration transformations. […]

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